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Learn from:

Joe Dustin - Headshot
Bristol Myers Squibb - Logo

Panelist: Joe Dustin Head of Clinical Innovation and Change Management Bristol Myers Squibb

Jeremy Price - Headshot
Pfizer - Logo

Panelist: Jeremy Price Director, Clinical Innovation & Strategic Partnerships Pfizer

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Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) - Logo

Panelist: Jennifer Goldsack Executive Director Digital Medicine Society (DiMe)

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IBM Watson Health - Logo

Moderator: Rob DiCicco Deputy Chief Health Officer IBM Watson Health

Over ten years ago the decentralized trial happened for the very first time. This was a time before the iPad, before Instagram, when cars couldn’t drive themselves and augmented reality remained in the pages of science fiction.

Yet, despite advances in enabling technologies and significant industry experimentation, if you look at the scaling of remote data collection and the decentralization of clinical trials, our progress in healthcare has been comparatively slow.

We need to simplify the e-Clinical ecosystem for sponsors, sites and patients alike to move from current bespoke, episodic deployment to more enterprise use. Only then can we improve the patient experience and reduce barriers to study participation.

COVID-19 has created an inflection point for all stakeholders to align and scale our ability to conduct study assessments and collect data remotely. Numerous trials have been forced into delay, while many accelerated approaches to COVID-19 vaccine and therapeutic treatment partially rely on remote data collection.

In this webinar leaders in decentralized trials will outline key learnings from 2020, and set the blueprint for how we grow capability from now. We must mitigate the impact of the pandemic on clinical development and accelerate clinical research in a post-COVID environment.

Key learnings include:

  • How to partner, build capabilities and define processes with local sites to reduce burden and ensure consistency in reporting
  • Plan your DCT in confidence with understanding of latest regulatory guidance and insight into future developments
  • Ensure DCTs are designed with the patient first with approaches to understanding the patient burden and incorporating into trials design

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