What you can expect from our senior-level and diverse line-up

David Lennon - Headshot
Novartis Gene Therapies - Logo

David Lennon President Novartis Gene Therapies

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Sandy Macrae - Headshot
Sangamo Therapeutics - Logo

Sandy Macrae CEO Sangamo Therapeutics

Parag Meswani - Headshot
Axovant - Logo

Parag Meswani Chief Commercial Officer Axovant

David Meek - Headshot
FerGene - Logo

David Meek CEO FerGene

David Setboun, Pharm.D., MBA - Headshot
Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics - Logo

David Setboun, Pharm.D., MBA Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics

Oscar Segurado, MD, PhD - Headshot
ASC Therapeutics - Logo

Oscar Segurado, MD, PhD Chief Medical Officer ASC Therapeutics

Kelly Page - Headshot
Takeda - Logo

Kelly Page Head of Global Cell Therapy Commercialization Takeda

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Brent Warner - Headshot
Novartis Canada - Logo

Brent Warner Vice President, Gene Therapy Novartis Canada

Alexandra Gomez - Headshot
bluebird bio - Logo

Alexandra Gomez Associate Director Patient Services Operations bluebird bio

Vanessa Almendro - Headshot
Eisai - Logo

Vanessa Almendro Head of Strategy and Operations, Center for Genetics Guided Dementia Discovery Eisai

Mariam Alboustani, RPh - Headshot
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan - Logo

Mariam Alboustani, RPh Clinical Pharmacy Manager, Medicare Pharmacy Services Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Lung-I Cheng - Headshot
Takeda - Logo

Lung-I Cheng Director Value and Access Oncology Takeda

Chia Chen-Rogers - Headshot
GSK - Logo

Chia Chen-Rogers Senior Director, Oncology Cell Therapy New Products GSK

Mark Trusheim - Headshot

Mark Trusheim Strategic Director (and Biotech Exec including Precision Financing for Gene Therapies) MIT NEWDIGS

Nick Li - Headshot
UniQure - Logo

Nick Li Senior Director, Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) UniQure

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Dean Griffiths - Headshot
IQVIA Consulting Services - Logo

Dean Griffiths Principal IQVIA Consulting Services

Gary M. Pigeau - Headshot
Cytiva - Logo

Gary M. Pigeau Director, Centre for Advanced Therapeutic Cell Technologies Cytiva

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Adlai Goldberg - Headshot
EY - Logo

Adlai Goldberg Global Digital, Social and Commercial Innovation Life Sciences Leader EY

Prof Mondher Tuomi - Headshot
Creativ-Ceutical - Logo

Prof Mondher Tuomi CEO Creativ-Ceutical

Alberto Santagostino - Headshot
Lonza Pharma & Biotech - Logo

Alberto Santagostino SVP, Head of Cell & Gene Technologies Lonza Pharma & Biotech

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Steven Goodman - Headshot
bluebird bio - Logo

Steven Goodman Head of Drug Product Manufacturing bluebird bio

Gary M. Pigeau - Headshot
Cytiva - Logo

Gary M. Pigeau Director, Centre for Advanced Therapeutic Cell Technologies Cytiva

James Strachan - Headshot
The Cell & Gene Curator - Logo

James Strachan Editor The Cell & Gene Curator

Don Creighton - Headshot
Huron Consulting Group - Logo

Don Creighton Managing Director Huron Consulting Group

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Sanjay Srivastava, PhD - Headshot
Accenture - Logo

Sanjay Srivastava, PhD Managing Director - Life Sciences, Cell and Gene Lead Accenture

Peter Olagunju - Headshot

Peter Olagunju Senior Vice President Technical Operations FerGene