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Day One: October 5

9:00 - 9:30 (30 mins)

Policy keynote: Exploring the U.S. policy initiatives supporting biogas and RNG production and utilization (post-Co-vid)

  • Explore the routes to accelerate the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) and RFS pathways to recover after the market slowdown
  • Understand the new routes to market and how the LCFS regulation is expected to impact the transition to greener transportation systems in several U.S. states
  • Find out how to overcome main challenges when trying to benefit from the LCFS incentive scheme
  • Gain clarity on the tax structure for compliance purposes and operation of commercially advantageous projects

The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas Sam Wade Director of State Regulatory Affairs The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas

The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas Sam Lehr Policy & Sustainability Manager The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas

The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas Moderator: Johannes Escudero President & Chief Executive Officer The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas

9:30 - 9:45 (15 mins)

Case study: Growing Biogas and RNG Production in the absence of a clear bioenergy policy: the California conundrum

  • Learn why California doesn't have a bioenergy policy given the vast amounts of biomass waste in its forests, from agriculture and its municipal organic waste
  • Even without a clear set of policies and incentives, isn't bioenergy growing in California?
  • Find out if bioenergy will advance to the point where it's viewed as a complementary component of California's renewable energy push in the next five years and why

CR&R Paul Relis Vice President CR&R

9:45 - 10:45 (60 mins)

Financial panel: Tackling financial uncertainty, availability of capital and funding for new projects

  • Understand how public funds can be used to leverage private financing and long term fixed priced contracts
  • Learn about how sizeable a grant needs to be to attract private investment
  • Discuss what other factors are significant and what is their impact on the finance your project
  • Understand what is required to form innovative public-private partnerships that would balance the use of innovative technologies, sharing of project costs and risk allocation for your project’s success
  • Find out more about the tipping fee needed for a project to be financeable

California Energy Commission Tim Olson Senior Policy Advisor California Energy Commission

Generate Capital John Dannan Principal Generate

Plasma Development Richard Nordin Managing Director Plasma Development

Crestmark Jon Ellis Vice President, Renewable Energy Finance Crestmark Bank

Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP Moderator: Mark Riedy Partner Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

10:45 - 11:00 (15 mins)

Developer case study: Robust, Reliable, and Proven Biogas Upgrading Technology

  • Explore in-depth the process flow of an amine digester plant
  • Learn the history of amine treating as well as its process, runtime, and resulting cash flow benefits

Morrow Energy Paul Morrow President Morrow Energy

11:00 - 11:45 (45 mins)

Multi-stakeholder panel: Monetizing renewable natural gas production for vehicle fuel after 2020

  • Explore ways to grow your RNG demand from a fleet standpoint
  • Find out more about the collaboration opportunities between developers, waste management facilities, refineries

AMP Americas Andy Dvoracek VP, Business Development AMP Americas

BP Harrison Clay Vice President Strategic Development, Global Environmental Products BP

UPS Mike Whitlatch Vice President of Global Energy and Procurement UPS

Real Energy Moderator: Kevin Best CEO Real Energy

11:45 - 12:00 (15 mins)

Developer case study: Flatten the Duck with Stored RNG. Power to Long Duration Gas Storage to Power

  • Discuss how to rescue low cost, excess daytime renewable electricity from the grid to produce hydrogen
  • Learn about technology to convert stranded landfill/wwtp CO2 and hydrogen into pipeline-grade, stored renewable natural gas
  • Can California’s 30GW storage needs be satisfied with low-cost, long duration Power-to-Gas Storage-to-Power?  (An average landfill can discharge 250MWH each night from storage, grid-charging 100 electric delivery vehicles vs fossil fuel charging at night)

Real Energy Kevin Best CEO Real Energy

12:00 - 12:40 (40 mins)

Dairy developer panel: Utilizing dairy methane in line with carbon reduction goals

  • Find out the latest update on methane reduction goals by 40% by 2030
  • Explore what makes dairy an attractive investment opportunity for private equity, corporate partners, pension funds, banks and lenders
  • Understand how to maximize the value to the project farmer and minimize the value to the middleman to better the project structure and off-take contracts?

California Bioenergy Neil Black President California Bioenergy

Maas Energy Works Daryl Maas CEO Maas Energy Works

Vanguard Renewables Bill Jorgensen Manager Director Vanguard Renewables

Bartlett & West Sirisha Chada Senior Project Manager Bartlett & West

Real Energy Moderator: Kevin Best CEO Real Energy

12:40 - 12:55 (15 mins)

Dairy developer case study: Fueling a renewable future from dairy manure to R-CNG and electric vehicle fuels

  • Explore the strategies needed to aggregate dairy biomethane fuel at a large scale (millions of gallons)?
  • Find out how to incorporate dairy systems utilizing electric fuel generators

Calgren Renewable Fuels Lyle Schyler President Calgren Renewable Fuels

12:55 - 1:30 (35 mins)

Panel discussion: Data and Predictive analytics in biogas and RNG Projects

  • Discover the importance of data and analytics for project development and plant operation
  • Find out the biogas project developer and operator viewpoint on utilizing the data and predictive analytics
  • Discuss the process of smart technology and predictive analytics adaptation for the biogas plants

Machado and Sons Sean Kilgrow President Alternative Fuels Division Machado and Sons

Montrose Environmental Group, Inc. Mark Kollman Director, East Coast Facility Operations, Site Operations and Maintenance Montrose Environmental Group, Inc.

Anessa Biogas Software Moderator: Amir Akbari CEO Anessa Biogas Software

1:30 - 1:45 (15 mins)

Case study: Renewable natural gas trends and the transition to the a cleaner economy

  • Understand the drivers behind the tremendous growth of renewable gas production (RNG) industry in recent years
  • Learn about policy that supports RNG and the future risks these programs face
  • Find out the potential production for RNG and what sectors could provide more off-take in the future

BloombergNEF Jade PattersonNatural Gas AnalystBloombergNEF

1:45 - 2:15 (30 mins)

Fleet owner panel: Tackling challenges associated with GHG and carbon reduction

  • Explore the options available today and in the future to reduce heavy duty fleet emissions
  • Learn how using RNG in fleet vehicles can be used to meet sustainability targets and lower carbon emissions today
  • Learn about regulatory issues and opportunities to advance RNG as a solution
  • Understand how to manage data for a more accurate reporting process and explore the steps towards a standardized approach to carbon auditing and
  • Learn how to work towards a collaborative approach with supply chain partners, policy makers and ESG minded customers and investors

TruStar Energy Adam Comora President TruStar Energy

Deloitte Stephanie Sterck Sustainability Manager Deloitte

BloombergNEF Moderator: Jade Patterson Natural Gas Analyst BloombergNEF

Neste US Theodore Rolfvondenbaumen Communications Manager Neste US

Day Two: October 6

9:00 - 9:40 (40 mins)

Multi-stakeholder panel: Overcoming challenges associated with biogas project development whilst driving ROI

  • Discover the integrated value chain driving economic, agronomic, and environmental value that will help you maximize your project potential
  • Find out the multi-stakeholder viewpoint on how to capitalize on the growing organics diversion to biogas market
  • Get a perspective into the geographic opportunities that will help you minimize risk while increasing reward, as well as navigating organics diversion legislation

Brightmark Energy Zeina El-Azzi Chief Development Officer Brightmark Energy

CH4 Biogas Lauren Toretta CEO CH4 Biogas

The Trade Council of Denmark in North America, Energy and Environment Chris Voell Head of Waste, Recycling & Biogas Advisory The Trade Council of Denmark in North America, Energy and Environment

Real Energy Moderator: Kevin Best CEO Real Energy

9:40 - 9:55 (15 mins)

Developer case study: Successful RNG Project Development (Phoenix WWTP-to-RNG)

  • Learn what makes a successful WWTP Biogas-to-RNG project
  • Discover various ways to structure a RNG project
  • Find out what makes a good RNG development partner

Ameresco Jim Bier Senior Project Developer Ameresco

09:55 - 10:35 (40 mins)

Utility panel: Ways to accelerate RNG as a part of the energy mix and decarbonization

  • Find out what strategies are being put in place by leading utilities to monetize their RNG products
  • What is needed for more US utilities to pursue renewable natural gas options

Vermont Gas Tom Murray Vice President - Customers and Communities Vermont Gas

Black Hills Energy Paul Cammack Program Manager, Renewable Natural Gas Black Hills Energy

SoCalGas Grant Wooden Renewable Natural Gas Program Manager SoCalGas

Real Energy Moderator: Kevin Best CEO Real Energy

10:35 - 10:50 (15 mins)

Case study: Pipeline injection in California (in state, out of state) with or without pilot project status

  • Hear about the utility injection application/commissioning history injection standards (CA vs the others) to identify the technical differences and what technologies meet the standard
  • Overcome hurdles such as proximity to the pipeline, trucking and aggregating
  • Understand the efforts to overcome economical hurdles associated with injection CNG and extracting it to use at another location
  • Find out more about utility timelines and how to expedite them

CA Public Utilities Commission Sandy Goldberg Advisor to Commissioner Cliff Rechtschaffen CA Public Utilities Commission

10:50 - 11:35 (45 mins)

Hydrogen panel: All you need to know about RNG to hydrogen applications

  • Find out more about renewable hydrogen production, challenges and how to capitalize on available opportunities
  • Explore the lessons learnt from biomethane to hydrogen for fuel cell electric vehicles and the potential technological applications that can be used in your project planning stage
  • Learn about electric vehicle charging using biogas fuel

SoCalGas Tanya Peacock Public Policy and Planning Manager SoCalGas

FE Fuel Shane Stephens Founder and Chief Development Officer First Element

Air Liquide Dave Edwards Director and Advocate for Hydrogen Energy Air Liquide

Toyota La Stanja Baker State Government Affairs Manager Toyota

ToyotaModerator: Teresa Cooke President California Hydrogen Coalition

11:35 - 11:50 (15 mins)

Program Update: Energy Recovery from Food Waste Recycling

  • Update on the status of Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts’ food waste recycling program
  • Description of the Phase I energy product under construction, which will produce CNG for direct vehicle fueling
  • Discussion of ongoing feasibility studies for Phase II energy project to utilize 1,000 cfm of digester gas

Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts Mark McDannel Manager - Energy Recovery Section Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts

11:50 - 12:50 (60 mins)

Municipality panel: Exploring the organics diversions opportunities for the food waste and wastewater treatment (WWTP) sectors

  • Understand the conditions required to fund your project and plan for your project to be in commercial operation, whilst mitigating the financial risk
  • Analyze strategies to reach SB 1383 objectives through co-digestion of diverted organic waste and explore innovative technologies to turn this challenge into a commercial opportunity
  • Find out about the constituents and partner jurisdictions on the benefits of producing biogas from organic waste
  • Learn about the real-time value and benefits of codigestion and other technological focused solutions for food waste diversion, contamination thresholds and processing

City of San Diego Jeanne Patton Recycling Specialist City of San Diego

Oceanside Colleen Foster Environmental Officer, Water Utilities Department Oceanside

Waste Management Organics Group Kevin Mattson Organic Project Development Manager Waste Management Organics Group

Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts Mark McDannel Manager - Energy Recovery Section Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts

CA Association of Sanitation Agencies Greg Kester Director of Renewable Resource Programs CA Association of Sanitation Agencies

Real Energy Moderator: Kevin Best CEO Real Energy

12:50 - 1:05 (15 mins)

Case study: CA Legislative initiatives creating opportunity and challenge for the wastewater sector

  • Understanding California Legislation to Address Climate Change
  • Opportunities and Challenges for the Wastewater and Solid Waste Sectors to Collaborate to Help Achieve Legislative Mandates

CA Association of Sanitation Agencies Greg Kester Director of Renewable Resource Programs CA Association of Sanitation Agencies

1:05 - 1:40 (35 mins)

Developer panel:  Post oil price crash collaboration between the natural gas vehicle market and RNG developers for successful vehicle fuel projects

  • Discuss the process to accelerate the transition from a diesel fleet to cleaner transportation systems
  • Find out predictions regarding vehicle numbers for CNG, LNG and RNG players
  • Discover the technical considerations for fleet conversions to RNG that have proven maximum efficiency

TruStar Energy Adam Comora President TruStar Energy

Aria Energy Richard DiGia Chief Executive Officer Aria Energy

BP Harrison Clay Vice President Strategic Development, Global Environmental Products BP

Real Energy Moderator: Kevin Best CEO Real Energy

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