Patients are looking for easily accessible, personal guidance. Unsurprisingly, they frequently turn to social media, looking for friendly advice and increasingly seeking authoritative voices. 

Pharma brands, on the other hand, veer away from social media for fear of compliance and adverse event reporting.

How long can this dichotomy last? And more importantly, if growing patient-consumer expectations demand 24/7 moderation, how should companies engage authentically and attentively?

Patients and HCPs are changing how they are connecting, self-educating, and communicating with social media on a daily basis. So much so, the benefits of gaining new insights and increased engagement now outweighs the negatives – whether your goal is to grow condition awareness, brand perception, or accelerate the patient’s time-to-diagnosis.

This free webinar will give you the tools to make social media work for you and your brand.

  • How to create a positive online environment that protects the brand and offers patients the ability to connect in public & private
  • Ways to structure and plan social media so it’s amplifies marketing and integrates branded digital properties - both for HCP & patients
  • Influence patient behavior and boost adherence with social media advertising 
  • Handle compliance and AE reporting with ease
Panelists include:
Dr. Pamela Brandt

Julissa Viana

Senior Director, Head of Global Social Media


Carolyn Magill

Dawn Lacallade

Chief of Social Strategy, VP, Healthcare


Enkeleida Nikai-Fitzgerald

Manu Field

Social Media Strategy Leader


Paul Simms

Paul Simms