Highlights from the 2020 agenda

Driving value – the evolving strategic role of Medical Affairs

  • Connect science, clinical outcomes and patient value to build a future-fit Medical Affairs function
  • Build a positive reputation and drive scientific exchange with an ever-expanding external stakeholder community
  • Identify, optimize and integrate external insights to inform medical/corporate strategy and enhance value delivery
  • Deliver strategic impact for the C-Suite as a business savvy and agile partner

Charlotte Kremer EVP, Head of Medical Affairs Astellas

Deliver a personalised customer experience through marketing automation

  • Use marketing automation to create memorable customer journeys through the most relevant channels
  • Further improve CX by gathering and analysing data seamlessly through an integrated platform

Christian Scheuer VP, Global Commercial Affairs & Excellence LEO Pharma

Case Study: Almirall’s Digital Garden that partners with start-ups to innovate together

  • Provide start-ups with the nutrients they need to grow into the next digital disruptor
  • Co-create cutting edge digital solutions when you provide pioneering start-ups leveraging pharma expertise
  • Learn how you can streamline your own operations through symbiotic sharing of information and processes

Francesca Wuttke Chief Digital Officer Almirall

New standards of care that enable pharma companies to commercialize digital health solutions and allow HCPs to offer more

  • Examine differentiated business models and best practice for forward-thinking pharmaceutical companies
  • A guide to solution-oriented commercialization models that encourage internal and external stakeholders to drive uptake
  • How the magic formula [Science + Data + Technology + Evidence = patient-centric medicine] works in DTx

Anish Shindore Head of Digital Acceleration - DTx Sanofi

Real-world data as the trust catalyst for partnerships between pharma and healthcare systems

  • How RWD has played a critical role in establishing trusted partnerships
  • How to achieve better patient outcomes through RWE driven collaborations
  • Why RWD is the key to a performance based system, driven by real-time real-world insights

Michael Seewald VP, Global Evidence, Medical AstraZeneca

Case Study: How to initiate an effective turnaround plan that cascades through your business

  • Identify the obstacles you face when changing your core business model and how to overcome them
  • See the process Allergopharma used to identify the best of commercial pharma which it wanted to adopt – and the areas that were avoided

Philipp Maerz CEO Allergopharma

What culture and capability changes are required to accelerate digital adoption throughout your organisation

  • Encourage greater digital implementation amongst laggard teams by using metrics and KPIs that more tangibly demonstrate long-term impact
  • Create a global strategy that evolves to meet local affiliate constraints and specific customer requirements, whilst reducing duplication of effort

Florent Edouard SVP, Global Head of Commercial Excellence & Customer Engagement Grünenthal

Future therapy: the Novartis roadmap for Digital Therapeutics

  • See how Novartis is building digital therapies into its portfolio and the interplay with traditional therapies
  • How regulators and pharma need to evolve in cooperation for the benefit of patients

Jeremy Sohn VP, Global Head of Digital BD&L Novartis