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Where pharma’s potential is unleashed.

  • 10,000+Total attendees
  • 200+Speakers
  • 100%Top 50 Pharma
  • 87%Senior Leaders
  • 40+Hours of Content

We’ve entered a new era. One where being risk averse is the riskiest strategy, long-established operating models have been torn up and reimagined, and where investment into digital innovation – both culturally and financially – has ignited. 

Your challenge now? Scale, widen and hone this transformational potential or fall behind rapidly evolving customer and patient need. Digital must be embedded into every facet of your organisation; enterprise data infrastructure, AI and advanced analytics must dictate each stakeholder interaction; and “patient centricity” must become obsolete – so ingrained into your organisation’s every action that it is subconscious.

Join thousands of your peers at the world’s gathering for pharma pioneers and health innovators - Reuters Events Pharma 2021 (formerly eyeforpharma Barcelona) – the biggest, most senior and cross-functional commercial pharma event.

We may be in the year of the vaccine, but we’re just beginning the decade of pharma’s awakening.

Reuters Events Pharma 2021 is where we redefine what the pharma industry can do.

Ester Banque, Senior Vice President, Intercontinental BMS Logo Ester Banque Headshot

An unrivalled speaker line-up including:

Marie-France Tschudin - Headshot
Novartis - Logo

Marie-France Tschudin President, Pharmaceuticals Novartis

Catherine Mazzacco - Headshot
LEO Pharma - Logo

Catherine Mazzacco President & CEO LEO Pharma

Richard Daniell - Headshot
Teva - Logo

Richard Daniell EVP, Head of Europe Commercial Teva

Myrtle Potter - Headshot
Sumitovant Biopharma - Logo

Myrtle Potter CEO Sumitovant Biopharma

Carinne Brouillon - Headshot
Boehringer Ingelheim - Logo

Carinne Brouillon Head, Human Pharma, Board of Managing Directors Boehringer Ingelheim

Nathalie Moll - Headshot
EFPIA - Logo

Nathalie Moll Director General EFPIA

Bill Sibold - Headshot
Sanofi Genzyme - Logo

Bill Sibold EVP & Head Sanofi Genzyme

Christoph Koenen - Headshot
Otsuka - Logo

Christoph Koenen EVP, Chief Medical Officer Otsuka

Iskra Reic - Headshot
AstraZeneca - Logo

Iskra Reic EVP, Europe & Canada AstraZeneca

Stefan Oelrich - Headshot
Bayer - Logo

Stefan Oelrich President, Pharmaceuticals Bayer

Francesca Wuttke - Headshot
Almirall - Logo

Francesca Wuttke Chief Digital Officer Almirall

Giles Platford - Headshot
Takeda - Logo

Giles Platford President, Europe & Canada Takeda

See the full and unapparelled speaker line for Pharma 2021 today

This year’s industry defining themes:

  • Reimagine digital engagement possibilities: Deliver personalised HCP and patient experiences by assembling hybrid field teams and executing on omnichannel through rep and MSL orchestrators. Implement an integrated Go-To-Market strategy fit for both virtual and face-to-face environments.
  • Collaboration as your competitive advantage: Optimise new pre-competitive opportunities with industry partners, foster long-term patient group and healthcare partnerships to catalyse patient value, and finally destroy internal silos to empower agile and innovative strategies.
  • Data-centricity: Rebuild commercial and medical data-foundations with a unified infrastructure, deploy and scale fit-for-your-purpose predictive analytics, and generate actionable insights on real-world customer behaviours and profiles to better inform decision-making.
  • Lead the health innovation revolution: Expand access to novel treatments, such as C&GT, with new external collaborative networks that enable early, flexible and sustained stakeholder dialogue; design patient focused value-added services to satisfy new regulatory needs; and mature RWE and patient insight capabilities to enable outcomes-driven access at scale.

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An Action-Packed Timetable

We know that attending a virtual event for an entire day is not realistic for most people, so we’re reinventing the format rule book in an effort to maximize your time and elevate your learning experience. We’ve designed the agenda as learning modules, with 2 hour segments of thematically-linked firesides, panels and case-studies.

Click on the module below you’d like to learn more about, to get a detailed pop-up that includes; session information, times, and speakers.

10:00-12:00pm CET
12:30-2:30pm CET
3:00-4:00pm CET

Tailored learning for your function

Commercial and Marketing
Join commercial’s industrial revolution: Deploy your new data and digital engagement strategy

Commercial’s industrial revolution is here. As customer preferences and expectations shift rapidly, you can no longer rely on field teams the size of armies and specialty events the size of cities. You must transition to data-driven systems, digital-enabled processes, and HCP-centric virtual tools.

It’s time to re-build your data-foundations and deploy advanced analytics. Reskill reps to become channel orchestrators. Deliver value-driven, personalised content. And combine these new capabilities to modernise your go-to-market model. All this, whilst innovating even more beyond medicines to unlock novel commercial opportunities and find new competitive advantages.

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Medical Affairs
Deliver unparalleled HCP experiences and insights through your new digital mastery

The industry redefining value of Medical Affairs has never been clearer. When access to HCPs became harder, Medical rose to the challenge to cut through record noise and provide valued engagements when it mattered most – all whilst still generating critical insights to shape decision-making across the lifecycle.

But this is just the start.

Early adopters of multi- and omni-channel strategies are seeing exponential results from building advanced data and analytical capabilities to deliver personalised physician experiences through novel engagement channels, digitally optimised agile content, and next-level HCP profiling. Upskilled MSLs are becoming the orchestrators of this holistic strategy. And new infrastructure capabilities are enabling integrated evidence generation across the organisation.

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Patient Engagement
Build, scale and quantify patient-led innovation across the value chain

Finally, everyone understands the value of patient centricity. Now we face the real test of our patient-centric mettle – measuring real-world impact and scaling practical approaches to engagement and advocacy that ensure the integration of diverse patient needs, opinions, and goals from R&D through to commercial operations.

To achieve this, we must reimagine what good patient engagement means to care and patient communities and ensure individual-level value is delivered and maintained at every interaction across every team, across each digital support tool and platform, in every piece of content or educational material, and every face-to face meeting and committee.

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Access and RWE
Harness digital and patient-led innovation to accelerate reimbursement and expand access

In the wake of global disruption, market access finds itself front and center of the pharma transformation stage. Yet we find ourselves still, frozen in the lights.

On one side, progress towards a value-based system driven by patient-driven outcomes, trusted real-world data, and advanced digital capabilities beckons. While on the other, financial pressure and unthinkable strain on healthcare systems looms ever-present, fostering short-termism and low risk-tolerance across stakeholders.

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An agenda tailored to your
virtual schedule

Nobody wants to sit in a virtual event for three days straight.

That’s why Reuters Events Pharma 2021 has been specifically designed to fit within your own busy schedule and prevent fatigue.

  • 2-hour modules tailored to specific topics so that you get the most out of every session.
  • Spread across 2 weeks to make sure you get more value than any other event, in a digestible format.
  • Interactivity at every level through every module where you can ask quesions to every speaker and interact with your colleagues around the key questions to your role
Reuters Events Pharma 2021 - synced into your work calendar

Each module contains


High level fireside discussion

Join high ranking visionary leaders as they share their ideas for the future of the industry


Strategic panel discussion

High flying executives discuss how to tackle the big issues of today.


Hard hitting case studies

Take critical learnings from leading projects and benchmark your own progress against the best


Peer to peer discussions

Dive into topic specific interactive discussions, roundtables and workshops across Reuters Events #1 platform

See the full virtual agenda like no other

Companies who have booked this week

Benchmarking against industry leaders, team learning experience, networking or finding expert solution providers – whatever your reason for attending Reuters Events: Pharma 2021, bringing a team will ensure you get the most from the conference.

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Reuters Events: Pharma 2021 – opening plenary sessions are free to attend

The pandemic continues to undoubtably create one of the most challenging environments of the modern era. And it’s relying on pharma for solutions. Like never before we as an industry must step up to collaborate, learn from each other and create the necessary value the world requires.

That’s why it’s free to join thousands of your peers at Reuters Events Pharma 2021 plenary sessions on October 11 as we discuss how pharma can reimagine it’s potential and the future of healthcare.

Overview:The future of European Healthcare

  • Shape the European healthcare system of the future through collaboration to align stakeholders around patient value and ensure access for future pharma innovation
  • European Pharmaceutical Strategy, a review: the first step to a more sustainable health future? See the impact of key legislation on your pipelines and future products
  • Democratise healthcare through a digital revolution, fuelled by the growing power of patient-owned health data
  • Prime your future strategies for the advent of smaller, more targeted patient population groups through the blueprint of rare disease engagement strategies

Nathalie Moll Director General EFPIA

Richard Daniell EVP, Head of Europe Commercial Teva

Giles Platford President, Europe & Canada Takeda

Iskra Reic EVP, Europe & Canada AstraZeneca

Stefan Oelrich President, Pharmaceuticals Bayer

Overview:Reimagine pharma to unleash it's potential

  • Viva la commercial revolution: Why it’s now or never to redefine the nature of the pharma customer experience – or fall behind your customer’s rapidly changing needs
  • The technology of tomorrow, today: How the cocktail of AI, predictive analytics and increasing data maturity is transforming decision-making across the value chain and removing entry barriers to new therapeutic areas
  • Surpass centricity: Pioneer patient-led innovation to ensure the greatest unmet need is fulfilled with your next blockbuster
  • Scale, scale, scale! Go beyond CoEs and lighthouse projects – embed innovations across functions, regions and stakeholders

Marie-France Tschudin President, Pharmaceuticals Novartis

Catherine Mazzacco President & CEO LEO Pharma

Myrtle Potter CEO Sumitovant Biopharma

Carinne Brouillon Head, Human Pharma, Board of Managing Directors Boehringer Ingelheim

Bill Sibold EVP & Head Sanofi Genzyme

Get access to Pharma 2021's free to attend opening plenary sessions

Learn from 100+ online sessions and interact with 200+ speakers

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files-folders/large/question Created with Sketch. Question Get in-depth answers in real-time with our live Q&A sessions with every presentation and panel speaker!

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Join thousands of your peers at Reuters Events Pharma

Reuters Events Pharma 2021 is regarded in Janssen as a critical, must-attend. EVERY YEAR

Kris Sterkens, Company Group Chairman, EMEA Janssen - Logo Kris Sterkens Headshot

Why this conference is the must attend event

Unique voices, one united goal

Reuters Events Pharma 2021 is huge. But it’s also intimate, tailored just for you. Engage in executive discussions on commercial, marketing, medical affairs, market access, RWE and patient engagement as we re-imagine pharma.

Been there, done that? Not anymore!

Bored of the usual virtual circuit? Don’t just follow the usual crowd - we bring together the most innovative pharma commercial, marketing, medical affairs, market access, RWE and patient engagement leaders and case studies, setting the new standard in pharma.

A team learning experience

Now more than ever we need to be working together for our customers and patients. Participate as a team to catch every drop of insight, make the most of networking and interactive sessions, transform culture as one and significantly save on cost.

Reuters Events best in-class virtual expierence

Sick of sitting at a virtual event for 8 hours a day? We’ve created a best-in-class virtual format that allows you to plan your time effectively and engage in business critical content without overdoing the screen time

World-class online networking

Connect with like-minded attendees via a tried and tested, best-in-class platform, as well as interactive virtual workshops, roundtables and social events to facilitate those chance encounters.

Rockstars of pharma bringing the house down

We are bringing the brightest leaders from the biggest companies to lead the hottest debates. Hear business-critical strategy and how to deliver it straight from those leading it to align your approach with the brightest stars of the industry.

Real decision-makers

Other events say they attract senior executives - people with clout, budget, ideas and a mission. We really mean it.

Real diversity

Reuters Events Pharma attracts a variety of job titles, geographies, cultures and opinions create a rich tapestry.

Attended by pharma and health innovators from:

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Sponsorship opportunities

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Keynote presentation: Gain maximum visibility for your thought-leader and brand with premium positioning on the conference agenda

technology/large/mic Created with Sketch. Presentation Deliver thought-leadership and challenge pharma to go beyond business as usual.

Created by Fruitbowl Media Ltd. Panel session Be seen as a leader in your space with a moderator or panellist slot on one of the panel sessions.

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Best-in-class virtual conference experience

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World class!

A special experience by any measure!


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