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The Reuters Events’ Pharma Awards focus on what really matters: value for patients and customers. Recognising innovative and meaningful approaches, this is the work worth applauding. Let’s deliver outcomes, restore pharma’s reputation and celebrate real achievements.

We’re delighted to announce the following companies have been shortlisted:

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Patient Champion Awards

Patient Champion Award: Patient Advocate

The winner of this award will be a person or small group which identifies as a patient (or patient group), and who has provided other patients or people with a stronger voice, through advocacy work. This voice will have been influential enough to have created communities, changed policy, raised awareness, helped launch a product or driven a new movement.

Patient Champion Award: Pharma

The winner of this award will be an individual or small group which has demonstrably worked to make patient’s lives easier from within a pharmaceutical company, perhaps (but not necessarily) going against the grain of commercial interests, or forging a new path in order to champion or deliver a patient cause.

"Most Valuable" Awards

Most Valuable HCP Initiative

The winner of this award will be an innovative project which has delivered tangible working and healthcare improvements, both in the long and short term, to healthcare professionals or to healthcare institutions/systems.

Most Valuable Collaboration

The winner of this award will be the creator of a pharma-pharma or pharma-nonpharma initiative which clearly brings a new proposition to either HCPs, payers and/or healthcare systems, creates new value and redefines what is possible in our industry with a degree of lateral thinking.

Most Valuable Breakthrough / Discovery

This award is for an original product, product enhancement or scientific invention which has the potential and, ideally, early traction to provide significant impact on a patient population. The winner will be a genuine pioneer, bringing something novel and meaningful to the life sciences industry.

Most Valuable Data & Insights Initiative

This award is for an initiative that harnesses data (internal or RWD), AI, ML or analytics to reveal valuable insights, ultimately resulting in new opportunities for better patient care. We are looking for those who have smartly deployed data or informatics/analysis techniques whether in clinical, commercial, medical or patient-generated data - or who have found ways through data standards or interoperability to enable better insights to be discovered and acted upon.

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