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The Awards showcase and Awards Week

How do I see more about each finalist?

You will be able to view all 65 finalists projects on our platform which is open for 3 weeks from the 28th September.  You’ll be able to view an overview of the work and the project showreel. The Awards presentations will take place over three days, 19 & 20 October, where all the winners will be revealed.

Who can attend the Awards Showcase week?

Anyone is able to attend the Awards showcase, please tell your colleagues and clients to share the excitement!

How many categories will be featured in the Showcase week?

We have 14 categories spread across 3 days, a schedule will be available soon.

Will I be able to ask questions to the finalists?

Yes,  they’ll be the opportunity to ask the finalists questions during their live presentations.

Does it cost to attend?

It’s free to register and attend

How can I sponsor the awards?

Please contact Alex Norman who will be able to discuss the various opportunities available

The judging process

How are the awards judged?

All entries in each category will be judged by all the category judges and are scored against clearly defined criteria outlined for each award. Each criteria is scored to a strictly enforced marking system, and the final scores for each criteria are added together to result in the winner.

Who are the judges?

Each award has a panel of carefully selected industry expert judges and customer judges. You can see a list of the judges in the judges tab

How do you choose the judges?

The Reuters Events: Pharma Awards Europe have an exclusive focus on patient and customer value, so we have recruited senior pharma experts, and most importantly, customer judges, to give their opinions on the nominations.

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