The most senior and diverse speaker line-up

Dr. Youngcho Chi - Headshot
Hyundai Motor Group - Logo

Dr. Youngcho Chi President & Chief Innovation Officer Hyundai Motor Group

Larry Dominique - Headshot
PSA North America, Inc. - Logo

Larry Dominique President and CEO PSA North America, Inc.

Scott Keogh - Headshot
Volkswagen Group of America - Logo

Scott Keogh CEO and President Volkswagen Group of America

Astrid Fontaine - Headshot
Bentley Motors - Logo

Astrid Fontaine Member of the Board People, Digitalization & IT Bentley Motors

Ernie Garcia, III - Headshot
Carvana - Logo

Ernie Garcia, III Chairman and CEO Carvana

Daniel Weissland - Headshot
Audi of America - Logo

Daniel Weissland President Audi of America

Giovanni Palazzo - Headshot
Electrify America - Logo

Giovanni Palazzo CEO Electrify America

Guenter Butschek - Headshot
Tata Motors Ltd - Logo

Guenter Butschek Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director Tata Motors Ltd

Shailesh Chandra - Headshot
Tata Motors Ltd - Logo

Shailesh Chandra President –Electric Mobility Business & Corporate Strategy Tata Motors Ltd

Michael Bakunin - Headshot
Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi - Logo

Michael Bakunin Director, Mobility Services Partnerships Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi

Oliver Rumpf-Steppat - Headshot
BMW of North America LLC - Logo

Oliver Rumpf-Steppat Head of Department, Product Requirements, Development & Connected Drive BMW of North America LLC

Dr. Ryan Eustice - Headshot
Toyota Research Institute - Logo

Dr. Ryan Eustice SVP, Automated driving Toyota Research Institute

Pankaj Mahajan - Headshot
Byton - Logo

Pankaj Mahajan Director - Integration (Electric & Autonomous Vehicles) Byton

Andreas Thurner - Headshot
Karma Automotive - Logo

Andreas Thurner VP, Global Design & Architecture Karma Automotive

Alejandro Vukotich - Headshot
BMW AG - Logo

Alejandro Vukotich Senior Vice President Fully Automated Driving and Driver Assistance BMW AG

Ted Cannis - Headshot
Ford Motor Company - Logo

Ted Cannis Global Director, Battery Electric Vehicles Ford Motor Company

Reinhard Fischer - Headshot
Volkswagen Group - Logo

Reinhard Fischer SVP Strategy VW NAR & VW Group Volkswagen Group

Etienne Hermite - Headshot
NAVYA - Logo

Etienne Hermite CEO NAVYA

Jamie Carlson - Headshot
NIO - Logo

Jamie Carlson VP, Autonomous Driving NIO

Dave Marek - Headshot
Honda R&D Americas, Inc. - Logo

Dave Marek Acura Executive Creative Director Honda R&D Americas, Inc.

Matt Carpenter - Headshot
Silvercar - Logo

Matt Carpenter CEO Silvercar

Edwin Olson - Headshot
May Mobility - Logo

Edwin Olson CEO May Mobility

Ulrich Kranz - Headshot
Canoo - Logo

Ulrich Kranz CEO Canoo

Marcel Porras - Headshot
Los Angeles Department of Transportation - Logo

Marcel Porras Chief Sustainability Officer Los Angeles Department of Transportation

Pamela Cohn - Headshot
Hyundai - Logo

Pamela Cohn VP Head of Global Operations & Strategy for Hyundai's Urban Air Mobility Unit Hyundai

Stephan Zeh - Headshot
Audi of America/Silvercar - Logo

Stephan Zeh EVP Audi Mobility Services Audi of America/Silvercar

Carla Bailo - Headshot
Center for Automotive Research (CAR) - Logo

Carla Bailo President and CEO Center for Automotive Research (CAR)

Jody Kelman - Headshot
Lyft - Logo

Jody Kelman Director of Product Management, Self-Driving Platform Lyft

Chris Dempsey - Headshot
Transportation For Massachusetts - Logo

Chris Dempsey Director Transportation For Massachusetts

Christian Noske - Headshot
Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi - Logo

Christian Noske Head of Alliance Ventures & Open Innovation; Managing Director Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi

Daniel Weimer - Headshot
Volkswagen Group - Logo

Daniel Weimer Head of Artificial Intelligence Group Volkswagen Group

Prashant Tiwari - Headshot
Toyota North America - Logo

Prashant Tiwari Director - Intelligent Connected Sytstems Toyota North America

Robert Skinner - Headshot
Ford Direct - Logo

Robert Skinner Lead Technology Strategist Ford Direct

Ganesh V. Iyer - Headshot
NIO - Logo

Ganesh V. Iyer Managing Director, NIO U.S.A., Global CIO NIO

Hunter Gorham - Headshot
Joydrive - Logo

Hunter Gorham CEO Joydrive

Vicki Poponi - Headshot
American Honda Motor Co., Inc. - Logo

Vicki Poponi Vice President, Digital Customer Journey American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Brooke Skinner Ricketts - Headshot - Logo

Brooke Skinner Ricketts Chief Experience Officer

Grant Feek - Headshot
Tred - Logo

Grant Feek CEO Tred

Mike Darrow - Headshot
True Car - Logo

Mike Darrow CEO True Car

George Arison - Headshot
Shift - Logo

George Arison CEO Shift

Jessica Stafford - Headshot - Logo

Jessica Stafford SVP & General Manager

Audra Fordin - Headshot
Women Auto Know - Logo

Audra Fordin CEO / Founder Women Auto Know

Liza Borches - Headshot
Carter Myers Automotive - Logo

Liza Borches President and CEO Carter Myers Automotive

Roger Lanctot - Headshot
Strategy Analytics - Logo

Roger Lanctot Director Automotive Connected Mobility Strategy Analytics

Ian Riches - Headshot
Strategy Analytics - Logo

Ian Riches VP - Global Automotive Practice Strategy Analytics

Michelle Krebs - Headshot - Logo

Michelle Krebs Director, Automotive relations

Joe White - Headshot
Reuters - Logo

Joe White Global Automotive Industry Editor Reuters

Todd Lassa - Headshot
Automobile Magazine - Logo

Todd Lassa Detroit Bureau Chief Automobile Magazine

Lou Ann Hammond - Headshot
Driving the Nation - Logo

Lou Ann Hammond CEO Driving the Nation

Cheryl Thompson - Headshot
Center for Automotive Diversity, Inclusion & Advancement - Logo

Cheryl Thompson Founder Center for Automotive Diversity, Inclusion & Advancement

Scotty Reiss - Headshot
A girls guide to cars - Logo

Scotty Reiss CEO A girls guide to cars

Tim Cavanaugh - Headshot

Tim Cavanaugh CEO Cavanaugh Consulting Group, LLC

Allyson Witherspoon - Headshot

Allyson Witherspoon Vice President, Marketing Nissan Motor Corporation

Atif S - Headshot
VW - Logo

Atif S Head of Digital Transformation VW