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Think Big, Start Small: Create a Transformation Roadmap that Reflects your Ambitions

  • As the insurance industry races to accelerate tech-driven transformations, the industry is at risk of sacrificing the caution that has helped the industry grow and thrive simply for the sake of speed
  • Discover how to find the balance between rapid innovation and incremental progress
  • Set realistic objectives and KPIs that reflect the true delivery times for tech ROI

Prepare your Data Strategy for a Digital World

  • The digital marketplace is now more competitive than ever and before any digitization efforts can go ahead, insurance carriers need to think of data as a key strategic asset that has huge value
  • Construct your strategy to maximize the potential of historical data whilst preparing for the capture and use of new behavioral data from IoT, telematics and social media and give your organization an even greater edge
  • Focus on your new data management strategy to give your analytics teams high quality, pertinent data that will be the fuel that feeds your analytics engines


Build an Innovation-Centric Strategy Driven by Leadership

  • The adoption and integration of new tech is truly a top-down process – it takes leaders willing to prove a commitment to innovation to build a truly innovative insurance carrier
  • Discover how project-centric leadership can make everyone not so afraid to fail as to never try in the first place
  • Build confidence at every level to facilitate change management as your organization transforms


Live Q&A: Building a Future-Proof Transformation Strategy

Fireside Chat: Align your Analytics Capabilities with Business Goals for Maximum Impact

  • As insurers look to build analytics into their business across multiple lines and functions, it is vital that business outcomes remain a top priority for your analytics teams
  • Discover how you can partner your analytics workforce with your business units to build solutions that are focused on problem-solving
  • Don’t build a Ferrari when you really need truck – build solutions that immediately add value for you and your customer, rather than building solutions that look great but don’t help you achieve core objectives

Live Panel: Evolve the Use of Data in the Face of Growing Regulation and Cybersecurity Risk

  • Cycles of increased cyber risk resulting in harsher, more complex data regulations are creating a major burden for insurance carriers across North America, at a time when carriers are trying to innovate when it comes to the capture, use and storage of data – it’s becoming a difficult balancing act
  • Explore new strategies and tactics to meet business objectives with an agile, effective data ecosystem that doesn’t compromise on security
  • Give your customers more peace-of-mind when it comes to data security as increased connectivity exposes new risks

Turn Data Lakes into Oceans: Eliminate Data Siloes for Unparalleled Efficiencies

  • Discover how new technologies like blockchain and cloud-based processes deliver more access to usable, pertinent data than ever before
  • Explore the vital role new tech is playing in breaking down siloes for insurers whilst building maximal protection for customer data
  • Stay ahead of the curve as the industry embraces new data streams from IoT & wearables to clickstream 

Unlock Every Agent’s True Efficiency Potential with Advanced Analytics

  • Analytics is not only a must-have for insurance carriers but also for agents as the marketplace becomes increasingly competitive
  • Empower agents with the tools to understand data that will transfer to more application-handling than ever before to help them realize their own potential
  • Leverage business intelligence like never before and use AI capabilities to identify upcoming renewals as well as help clients avoid coverage gaps and identify cross-sales opportunities

Distribution and Big Data in the Face of New Ecosystems

  • Despite the prevalence of the traditional insurance distribution model, a new wave of convenient ecosystems are shaping the future of insurance distribution and partnerships
  • Construct your data infrastructure and analytics capabilities around these new distribution models to stay ahead of a very steep curve
  • Combine data collected by new partners with the tremendous amounts of data within your legacy systems for true product innovation

Live Q&A: The New Spotlight on Data & Analytics for Insurance


Fireside Chat: Maximize Customer Engagement on Digital Platforms

  • Now that carriers have invested so much in building digital tools, they must work to change consumer behavior to embrace new digital tools and self-service
  • Build a direct line of communication with your customer to help them discover the value of new digital platforms
  • Create an omnichannel experience that gives your customers control of their own journey and maximize customer self-service efficiency across demographic lines


Live Panel: No Innovation for Innovation’s Sake: Find Your Optimal Solution Partner

  • As carriers add more capabilities, the focus needs to remain on solving the relevant problems – there should be no innovation just for innovation’s sake
  • Discover the keys to finding the ideal partners, from flexibility to a keen industry knowledge base and experience solving your challenges
  • Strategize for scaling and deployment to make your organization’s transition into larger projects as rapid and smooth as possible

Take Insurance From Protection to Prevention with Predictive Analytics

  • From the rising sophistication of fraud to the rising cost of social inflation, carriers face a future filled with even more complex risks that will only add to current levels of disruption
  • Leverage predictive analytics to tackle emerging risks to further reduce what could be dramatic costs, all while adding a new layer of safety and security for you and your customers
  • Discover how you can weave the latest capabilities in IoT together into your business processes, to identify risk factors with even more granular customer segmentation for ultimate accuracy

Create your own Data & Analytics Talent Pool with Upskilling

  • With carriers expanding their use of data and scaling analytics capabilities across business units, there has never been a more urgent need for qualified data scientists and analytics experts but talent is more scarce than ever before
  • Discover how upskilling can play a valuable role in talent creation, taking advantage of a talent pool that already has deep industry knowledge
  • Use upskilling as a change management tool to show your teams their full potential and a future within your organization

Mutual Understanding = Mutual Benefit: Combine Data, Analytics and Business Knowledge Bases for Rapid Innovation

  • For new solutions to make a business impact, data scientists and analysts need to understand the problems they are solving, just as business leaders need to learn to work with new processes and capabilities
  • Discover how a mutual understanding between data, analytics and business units can maximize problem-solving efficiency and agility
  • Prioritize dedicated education across your organization to see a noticeable impact on productivity, innovative thinking, and cross-departmental co-operation

Live Q&A: Build an Organization that Revolves Around Data & Analytics


Fireside Chat: Create an Innovative Insurance Vision to Reveal Your Competitive Edge

  • The industry dynamic has changed, making technological innovation both the key tactic for achieving new growth and a goal in and of itself, but it takes more than just adding a dash of AI and a pinch of data – it takes a holistic vision for how your organization will leverage technology
  • Discover how you can properly achieve technological innovation to create brand new USPs, unlocking new customers and retaining old ones
  • Open new doors for potential tech and data science talent as you make your company stand out in the age of the innovator


Live Panel: Augmentation not Automation: Embrace the “Cyborg” Model of Insurance Operations

  • Despite the clear efficiency gains being made with automation, the customer still needs that opportunity to tell their story and be heard
  • Empower your workforce with the latest tools without stripping away their ability to be the caring face of your business, from remote damage assessment, drones, and telematics to claims triage
  • Discover how cognitive process automation can not only increase efficiency of processes and people, but unlocks seamless communication between carrier and customer


Build a Digital-Ready Infrastructure with the Cloud

  • Nearly every insurer across the globe is looking to turbocharge their digital capabilities over the next 5 years – but core systems remain unprepared for what is to come
  • Begin planning your cloud migration strategy to be fast to market in a digital world and finally break through legacy barriers
  • There’s no technology without people and process – plan to change your organization around new cloud-based processes so you are truly future-proofed


Be More Agile than your Customers - Value Chain Automation for True Customer Confidence

  • Customer demand for digital is driven not only by their expectations of Amazon and UberEats – many insurance customers offer digital services themselves and expect no less from their insurance company
  • Learn how AI can create an end-to-end purchasing process that provides the simplicity and efficiency your customer expects with added fraud prevention through smart contracts
  • Discover how changing organizational structure to suit line-specific needs can be a gamechanger for customer satisfaction and efficiency


Letting out the Lightening: Remove your Technology Bottleneck

  • As digitalization and transformation efforts surge across the industry, carriers now face an overwhelming multitude of problems to solve – and for every problem, there may be too many solutions to choose from
  • Make up for lost speed by streamlining your onboarding process so the partners you work with can get to work as soon as possible and give more start-ups a shot at revolutionizing your business
  • Stay close to employees on the ground to understand where you can apply laser focus to optimize efficiencies and add value from the bottom up


Live Q&A: Maximize ROI from your Tech Integration Efforts

Fireside Chat: Analytics as a Marketing Superpower

  • In a hyper-competitive digital marketplace, precise marketing is a special competitive advantage – knowing where your customers are that you aren’t
  • Explore how analytics capabilities can determine the most effective areas for your marketing efforts to maximize ROI across new channels, from social media to YouTube ads
  • Identify new potential markets and seize gaps that your competitors won’t even know exist

Live Panel: The Next Step for Data & Analytics for Insurance

  • The insurance industry is now on an accelerated journey towards more digitalization and, with that, more data, more new skills and more investment in technology
  • Join our panel of experts as they explore how the role of data science and analytics will change over the coming years as new tech like 5G comes into play
  • Discover how advances in cognitive technologies are set to unlock a new realm of possibilities for individualized claims, pricing and risk modelling in real time and what these will means for the wider insurance ecosystem