Defining the Future of Supply Chain

2020 Agenda included:


Putting Sustainability Front and Center of the Supply Chain Agenda

  • While there are several short-term pressing concerns, understand the social and financial risks to your business of neglecting sustainability goals
  • Foster a culture that embraces a sustainability mindset which becomes embedded within the fibre of your business, starting with and championed by senior management
  • Commit to a future of carbon-neutral transportation and invest in a supply chain infrastructure that puts sustainability right at its core

Peder Tuborgh CEO Arla Foods

Moderator: Scott Luton Founder, CEO & Host Supply Chain Now

Moderator: Greg White Principal & Host Supply Chain Now


Fireside Chat: Embracing Disruption in a Constantly Evolving World

  • Embrace a “digital first” mindset across your operations so that your processes are nimble and responsive in the face of a supply chain disruption
  • Foster a top-down culture of constant internal evaluation in order to remove the rigidity from process to ensure that you are responsive to changing customer demands
  • Retain the confidence of your customers during a crisis through open communication in the event of a supply chain disruption

Robert Sanchez Chairman & CEO Ryder System

Moderator: Rachel Premack Senior Transportation Reporter Business Insider


Driving Supply Chain Efficiency Through Digital Transformation

  • Find out which technologies you can practically apply to your everyday use cases to enable supply chain continuity
  • Learn how executives can overcome the common legacy system issues that impact modern supply chains
  • Understand how driving efficiencies in your supply chain can result in large environmental efficiency gains

Gert Sylvest Co-Founder Tradeshift, GM Tradeshift Frontiers Tradeshift


Towards a More Sustainable Supply Chain

  • Learn how despite the complexities of 2020, supply chain leaders are still championing sustainability within their businesses
  • Supply chains are vast and often have 000s of suppliers, understand how companies are catalysing a transition towards a net-zero economy across their value chains
  • Understand the importance of closing the loop on product cycle – starting in product design and ending with reuse in order to drive waste down

Jason Reiman SVP, CSCO The Hershey Company

Abe Eshkenazi CEO ASCM

Laura Nador President CHEP North America & BXB Digital CHEP

Carlos Valderrama SVP, Global Customer Success Llamasoft

Gert Sylvest Co-Founder Tradeshift, GM Tradeshift Frontiers Tradeshift

Moderator: Susan Beardslee Principal Analyst ABI Research


The Pivotal Role of Reimagined Operations to a Stronger, Resilient Future

Executive attention to value-chain risk was already on the rise, but now it’s in the spotlight. Many operations teams have achieved goals that would have been considered impossible before the COVID-19 crisis. They have boosted agility, productivity, and customer connectivity while also preserving cash.

Organizations that have embraced operations technology and innovation have seen improved productivity, transparency and agility

all at once.

In this exclusive interview, Ed Barriball will discuss what real value is at stake with regards to resiliency & how you can reduce your vulnerability and exposure to shocks.

Edward Barriball Partner McKinsey & Company


Supply Chain Visibility for a Connected, Customer-Focused Business

  • Leverage real-time global visibility to effectively predict, assess and mitigate risk in your supply chain to deliver the right product at the right time
  • Break down silos and standardize data across your network to foster a fully orchestrated system that is agile and can change in real-time to meet evolving customer demands
  • Digitally visualize your entire network to identify where you can more efficiently allocate resources and labor to maximize efficiency and cost savings across your supply chain

Russell Felker CTO GlobalTranz

Colin Yankee EVP, CSCO Tractor Supply Company

Luis Pajares EVP & Chief Revenue Officer Turvo

Chris Hughes Managing Director, Practice Leader of Transportation & Logistics G2 Capital Advisors

Edward Barriball Partner McKinsey & Company

Moderator: Chris Cunanne Research Director, Supply Chain Management ARC Advisory Group


Optimize Your Operations for the Work-From-Anywhere Era

  • Foster a culture of flexibility and decentralization that places employee trust at the center in order to maximize workforce creativity and productivity in this new age of working
  • Sift through the myriad cloud tech platforms to find the right applications for your business that allows you to manage projects efficiently & communicate with your teams effectively
  • Understand the importance of having a strong IT team as the digital backbone of your organization to allow you to overcome the tech challenges that will arise in your business

Annie Adams EVP & Chief Transformation Officer Norfolk Southern


Industry 4.Human: Bridging the knowledge gap

  • In an ever more digital supply chain world, explore the need for secure network stability and the advantage in accurate and efficient troubleshooting capabilities across operations and data focused asset management.
  • Innovate your infrastructure with the future in mind to limit tech spending in the wrong areas and have a network capable of improving processes as more technological developments continue to enter supply chain and logistics operations.
  • Understand the human element to successful digital innovations be that the individual knowledge of processes for experienced employees, the required training and development of new staff or the impact on operations, individuals and the business when processes ""go down"".

Pieter Barendrecht CEO Procentec


Workforce Management for the Next New Normal

  • Now more than ever, companies need the ability to change direction in an instant. Industries are facing fluctuating demand, new customer expectations, labor shortages, and supply chain disruptions — sometimes all at once
  • Having the right employee in the right place at the right time is increasingly important, but ever more challenging
  • This new world requires a new approach to workforce management. Because today, agility is everything

Julie Hunt Solutions Executive Blue Yonder

Chris Harmon WFM Business Analyst Harris Teeter


How Blockchain is Delivering on the Mandates for Resilient Supply Chains

For years the word blockchain has been loosely used and tossed about with great expectation but also without much substance. Some have speculated it’s all hype. However, today we're seeing tremendous progress as businesses and industries around the world apply the technology to critical business challenges. Join IBM for a session covering the trends facing today's supply chains and the role blockchain can play to assist. We'll also provide a brief overview of a few exciting places where the technology is already working at scale.

Raj Rao General Manager, Distribution IBM


Customer-Centricity in a World Riddled with Uncertainty

  • Learn how ArcBest adapted operations and strategy quickly due to the complexities of 2020 whilst still maintaining customer-centricity
  • Hear how the company has expanded its digital offerings in order to open up more avenues for connections between representatives and customers
  • Understand the key lessons learnt from this year to remove operational complexity and what the plan is moving forwards, keeping customers at the centre of focus

Judy McReynolds Chairman, President and CEO ArcBest


The Evolution of the Last Mile

  • Understand the importance of a holistic warehouse strategy in order to get the best out of your software, hardware and people to drive speed and efficiency in fulfilment
  • Make open communication (location, timing, disruptions) with your customer central to your last mile strategy to retain the confidence in your brand & foster repeat business
  • Understand how it is critical to integrate a returns game plan into your fulfilment strategy to deliver a seamless end-to-end experience to your customer

Michael Murphy EVP of Development CenterPoint

Arnaud Deshais CSCO Redbubble

Erik Caldwell President, Last Mile XPO Logistics

Karen Leavitt CMO Locus Robotics

Moderator: Bob Bowman Editor-In-Chief SupplyChainBrain


Fireside Chat: Consumer-Centric Supply Chain Strategy

  • Understand what customers really want, such as choice of channel and flexibility of delivery, to provide greater choice and control for each end-user
  • Move from a ‘scale and volume’ operation to one of ‘flexibility and agility’ by utilizing nimble fulfilment mechanisms to deliver for all delivery preferences, or channel choice
  • Discuss the best approaches to trigger the change towards data transparency, harmonization of processes to build delivery on customer non-negotiables like sustainability

Sandra MacQuillan EVP & CSCO Mondelēz International

Moderator: Emma Cosgrove Supply Chain Reporter Industry Dive


The Power of Flexibility: Making Adjustments in the Never Normal

  • Learn best practices to address new challenges and ensure a resilient & efficient peak season
  • Gain insights on how a holistic view of your operation can help better manage complexities through the pandemic and beyond
  • Learn what shifts and innovations are on the horizon for the supply chain industry in 2021

Scott Sureddin CEO DHL Supply Chain North America

Moderator: Lee Klaskow Senior Analyst - Transportation and Logistics Bloomberg Intelligence


5 Cutting Edge Technologies Shaping the Future of Supply Chain

Reuters Events sits down for an exclusive interview with Scott Price, President, International, UPS where he tells us which technologies he has his eye on to shape the future of supply chain.

Scott Price President, International UPS


Pandemics, Natural Disasters… Shocks: The Need for Proactive Risk Management

  • Understand the importance of excess capacity and what-if scenario planning throughout your entire supply chain to maintain their function in the event of a disruption
  • Digitally visualize your entire network to identify the scope for prudent choices in the selection and location of suppliers to de-risk your operation
  • Analyze your global sourcing model to weigh up difficult decisions such as offshoring versus onshoring by considering expertise, material availability and transport costs

William Falstich Vice President, Global Supply Chain - Sterile Injectable Hospital Business Pfizer

Ravi Dosanjh Head of Strategic Programs Intel

Sandra MacQuillan EVP & CSCO Mondelēz International

Dave Belter VP & GM of Global Transportation Management Ryder System

Moderator: Marina Mayer Editor-in-chief Food Logistics and Supply Chain & Demand Chain Executive


Supply Chain Talent & Future Supply Chain Predictions

Join us for an exclusive discussion with Rick Blasgen, President & CEO, CSCMP where he discusses how to attract new talent into the supply chain industry as well as predictions on what supply chain will look like in 2021 and beyond.

Rick Blasgen President & CEO CSCMP


Fireside Chat: An Airline View – The Future of eCommerce and Last Mile Delivery

Join us for an exclusive conversation with Rob Walpole, Vice President, Cargo Operations & Logistics, Delta Air Lines where he discusses the role that airlines will play in the future of eCommerce & last mile delivery

Robert Walpole Vice President, Cargo Operations & Logistics Delta Air Lines


An eCommerce Fulfilment Strategy to Delight in the age of Direct-to-Consumer

  • Digitally visualize your current network to see if there is a need for additional nodes to increase the speed and efficiency of your delivery network
  • Leverage cloud-based systems to unite nodes and enhance replenishment & fulfilment efficiencies through greater communication in your network
  • Identify the scope for automation within your existing warehouses (robotics or otherwise) in order to improve inventory management, order cycle times and employee productivity

Martin L. Reid CSCO Godiva Chocolatier

Tom Galluzzo Founder & CEO IAM Robotics

Matt Konkle Senior Managing Director, Head of Industry Teams G2 Capital Advisors

Robert Walpole Vice President, Cargo Operations & Logistics Delta Air Lines


Build a Framework for Global Supply Chain Cybersecurity

  • Assess the state of cyber security in 2020 to get a picture of the safety net you must build to prevent vulnerability in your supply chain operations
  • Develop cybersecurity frameworks to set expectations of minimum standards within your business, systemizing security & closing gaps where vulnerabilities appear
  • Understand why regulatory focus ‘on country of origin’ misses the mark in a global supply chain ecosystem, where competitors overlap on suppliers, technology partners and carriers

Tim Danks VP, Risk Management & Partner Relations Huawei


Empowering Entrepreneurs to Stay at the Forefront of Logistics

  • Understand how to empower independent freight agents through flexible working hours, load security and a reliable stream of customers to ensure long-term success
  • Learn that freight matching (digital or otherwise) requires a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding your customer’s needs & the industry dynamics to be successfully
  • While tech. continues to impact, understand how relationships (e.g. with owner-operators and brokers) retain their critical important for the long-term viability of your business

Joe Beacom Chief Safety & Operations Officer Landstar


Fireside Chat: Data Drives the Future of Connected Logistics

  • Learn how predictive analytics can be utilized to track goods in transit in order to reduce costs and maximize customer services
  • Build and implement agile software architectures that are easier to deploy and cheaper to use for your customers
  • Overcome the challenge of fluctuating volumes with innovative strategies to driver operational efficiency and consumer satisfaction

Greg Lehmkuhl President & CEO Lineage Logistics

Moderator: Emma Cosgrove Supply Chain Reporter Industry Dive


Unlock Efficiencies through Targeted Automation

  • 55% of logistics is still manual, build an implementable integration strategy that will allow you to connect your physical supply chain with your digital supply chain
  • Sift through the myriad technologies in the market including RPA to find the technologies that can transform your supply chain & drive efficiencies in your operations
  • Improve the customer experience and manage your employee’s workload through automation that achieves quick wins in terms of efficacy and accuracy of data entry

Mark Singh Co-Founder & CEO Kaptura

Andrew Pery Process Intelligence Expert ABBYY

Jamie Weldon Sr. Vice President - IT Development Coyote Logistics

Sudarsan Thattai CIO Lineage Logistics

Moderator: Susan Beardslee Principal Analyst ABI Research